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Range Officer Workshops

Summary of MPSA Workshop 1 – 2021/03/05 : Download


IROA recommendations for range procedures under COVID - 19 restrictions available in document page.


Range Officers used at League shoots:

Shotgun League #1 - Teks Rifle League #1 - Teks Handgun/PCC #1 Teks
Jan Strydom - Match Director Jan Strydom - Match Director Jan Strydom - Match Director
Fanie Pretorius - R Master Fanie Pretorius - R Master Chrissie Wessels - R Master
Hennie Koch - CRO Hennie Koch - CRO Chrissie Wessels - CRO
Mitch McAllister - RO Mitch McAllister - RO Fanie Pretorius - RO
Jan Strydom - TRO Henk Snyders - TRO Mitch McAllister - RO
Fanie Pretorius - RO Fanie Pretorius - RO Wayne Duranty - RO
Martin van Zyl - TRO Martin van Zyl - TRO Willem van der Bank - RO
Johnny Naude - TRO   Henning Breytenbach - RO
Gideon Botha - TRO   Willie Boshoff - RO
    Martin van Zyl - RO
    Henk Snyders - RO
    Abrie Preller - TRO
    Kyle van Deventer - TRO
Handgun/PCC #2 Piet Retief Handgun/PCC #3 Ermelo Shotgun L#2 White River
Johnny Naude - Match Director Hennie Koch - Match Director Irving Stevenson - M Director
Chrissie Wessels - R Master Chrissie Wessels - R Master Mitch McAllister - R Master
Johnny Naude - TRO Wayne Duranty - CRO Chrissie Wessels - CRO
Henning Breytenbach - RO Henning Breytenbach - RO  
Martin van Zyl - RO Martin van Zyl - RO  
Jan Strydom - RO Jan Strydom - RO  
JP van der Walt - RO JP van der Walt - RO  
Hennie Koch - RO Chantel Strydom - TRO  
Chantel Strydom - TRO Gideon Botha - TRO  
Gideon Botha - TRO Jaco Smit  
  Mitch McAllister - RO  
  Johnny Naude - TRO  

All Trainee Range Officers must complete the Trainee Registration form and forward it to our secretary.  Registration form is available in the Documents Page.

At the end of the year all RO's and TRO must complete a Points Card and forward it to the secretary.

Download Points Card: Download


Upcoming Events

2021-06-19/20 - SA Shotgun Champs
2021-07-03 - Handgun/PCC league #4

Latest News

Shotgun league at White River cancelled
New Handgun log added
Results handgun/PCC League #3 added
Rifle, Shotgun Handgun logs added
Results Handgun/PCC #2 added

Downloads and Registrations
Register for H/G/PCC league #4: Soon
COF HG/PCC league #4: Soon
Declaration Form: Download

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