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We would like to congratulate the following MPSA members for their awesome achievements at the Handgun level 3 match in Limpopo June 2024. Well done.

Gideon Botha 3rd place
Abrie Preller 5th place
Arno Theron 10th place
Raimar Paul 12th place
Vincent Mortlock 13th place

Production Optics:
Ruan van Heerden 4th place

Production Optics RANGE OFFICERS:
Trevor Marsh 2nd place

Paul Loock 3rd place
Jean Engelbrecht 4th place
Justin Peacock 7th place
Kyle van Deventer 9th place

Production Senior:
Wilhelm Heyl 3rd place
Jan Strydom 16ht place

Production Optics Super Senior:
Hendrik Engelbrecht 1st place

Standard Senior
Jean Engelbrecht 1st place

Production Junior:
Stephan Koch 3rd place


Standard A team - 1st place
Jean Engelbrecht
Justin Peacock
Paul Loock
Kyle van Deventer

Production A team - 1st place
Gideon Botha
Arno Theron
Abrie Preller
Vincent Mortlock


We would like to congratulate the following MPSA members that were selected for the national squads for the Finland Rifle World Shoot 2024.

Ronald Gower - Open Semi Auto
Irving Stevenson Open - Semi Auto Super Senior

Enjoy and make us pride.


Congratulations to our National Production Optic Senior team for their outstanding achievement at the World Shoot XIX in Thailand, from 27 November to 3 December 2022.

They achieved third place and won bronze medals. It was the first time in history that member from our club and province won any medals at a World Shoot. Special congratulations to your club members, Jean Engelbrecht and Hendrik Engelbrecht.
FLTR: Jean Engelbrecht, Hendrik Engelbrecht, Tinus Erasmus (Team Manager), Neil Taylor, Peter Lindstrom


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2024-08-3/10 - Rifle World Shoot
2024-09-07 - Handgun/PCC league #4

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